​Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to increase his engagement with you at home while breaking up the monotony of practicing basic obedience. It also makes for a GREAT activity to burn energy on days that are unsuitable for outside adventures! 
Contact us to join a tricks class and embark on a fun bonding journey with your best pal!

This class is the follow up to our beginner tricks class. In the intermediate class, we will cover tricks such as back-up, expansion on the "retrieve" foundation from the beginner class,  closing a door,  "go to your mark" (like a movie star!), and others. 

We will also work towards more precision and speed on the urban agility obstacles. We will use FitPaws to help increase our dogs' confidence and help them towards a healthier, more agile life!

Beginner Tricks and FUNdamentals

Tricks and FUNdamentals of

Urban Agility Classes

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“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” -Samuel Butler

Join us for this ultra fun class where you will learn the building blocks of trick training, as well as some of the basic FUNdamentals of Urban Agility*.
Some of the tricks we work on include jumping through a hoop, picking up a dumbbell, bow, roll over, and more!
We will also explore the beginning of obstacles such as the teeter totter, A-frame, and dog-walk!

*This is not a competitive agility class, but more geared towards backyard agility that everyone can enjoy at home!*

​Intermediate Tricks and FUNdamentals