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We took our dog to Show Me Your Dog for their eight week obedience class and we take him to their Day Train and Play every week. The trainers are awesome and have helped us develop a stronger relationship with our little buddy! I recommend them to everyone I know!! If you're looking for obedience classes, daycare, or boarding I this is the best place!

Dave and Show Me Your Dog helped our pit-bull Dax tremendously. We have gotten so many comments from family and friends that see such a huge difference in him and tell us he just seems so much more confident and comfortable. It's been amazing to see him grow and to watch the trainers work with all types of dogs, and no dog with the same personality. Thank you!

My dog was very aggressive towards people and other dogs.
Just few weeks into training he showed significant improvement and was able to socialize with other dogs without any signs of aggression. 
His behavior on the leash and at home has also improved drastically. It makes me very happy to see my pup being a better, more friendlier dog.
Thank you, SmYDT!!!




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At Show Me Your Dog Training, LLC…

Our hard work is your gain. We are devoted to our job because to us, it’s a lifestyle. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve and expand our business, and we never turn down customer suggestions. Contact us at any time via email with ideas or concerns and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I owe SMYD Training a huge debt of gratitude for teaching my dog Harley Quinn & me how to develop the trust & confidence we needed to build a lasting strong human-dog bond.  Their methods are sound &, more importantly, they work! Our trainer Nikki Sheckells is patient, extremely knowledgeable & dedicated to teaching her clients - dog & owner- how to achieve the relationship she sees between them as possible.  Issues I thought were insurmountable were successfully tackled through one-on-one private lessons, group classes & even workshops & special classes like Introduction to Tricks & Introduction to Rally Obedience. SMYD puts all their efforts into teaching dogs & their owners how to achieve the fundamental obedience requisites needed for a rewarding life together.  SMYD Training is just awesome!




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We did so much with Irie today and he was near perfect! We went to a wine tasting, a few pet stores and ate at a pet friendly resturant! He was well mannered and didn't lunge at anyone. We used the e-collar at Bark, Wag and Wine and the pinch everywhere else. The e-collar has really reinforced his training and we had a great day exploring VA with him. I just wanted to thank you for educating us on the collar. Nobody was stressed today and Irie laid down a number of times on his own and just watched the festivities.

Dave Cochran and Show Me YOUR Dog Training are the reasons we were able to adopt and keep our rescue dog that had been returned by three previous adopters. Dave exhibited patience and understanding when he was teaching us how to properly train and discipline our dog. Group classes are well organized and structured to meet the specific needs of dog and owner. Even during group training, Dave provides hands-on, one-on-one training and guidance. We are happy to report that Fozzie has found a forever home in our home. If you’re not training with Show Me YOUR Dog Training, then you’re NOT training your dog.


Effective training for both owners and dogs, great flexibility, many training options to choose from, weeknight evening classes, patience, I can't say enough! I've learned so much from Nikki and Dave and it has really come in handy when managing multiple fosters. Not to mention they are great with dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes!! And dogs love going back! If you need training on handling your dog or help with training yours, this is the place to go!

"I have a difficult dog, to say the least. He was a rescue, and very dog reactive/aggressive. Other dog trainers have told me there is little they can do for my dog, he just is what he is. That is not at all the attitude I've found at SMYD! Dave and Nikki have been so awesome since my first evaluation with my dog, Clark. We started with private lessons and worked through group classes, and my dog now comes for daycare. He was never allowed to attend daycare at other facilities in the past. They are always happy to answer questions, troubleshoot, or problem solve. Aside from being awesome dog trainers, they're so much fun! My difficult dog is absolutely blossoming at Show me Your Dog Training! He has made canine friends at daycare, he runs right to the trainers tail wagging, and his obedience is so improved! I am looking forward to attending obedience trials and working towards the AKC good citizen test!"


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"Coming to Dave and Nicki was the best thing to happen to Winston, my little pitbull ball of energy, since I adopted him! When I first brought him home from BARCS, I couldn't sit down without Winston jumping on me and biting my hands. He would pull on the leash constantly on walks and would randomly get aggressive (seemingly) without warning when crossing the street. Then, a friend recommended I take Winston to SMYD. I did a brief consultation visit, one private class with Dave, and eight weeks of group obedience classes. SMYDs obedience curriculum has remarkably improved my relationship with my dog. Winston's demeanor has improved dramatically both at home and in public. I feel comfortable walking him through the busy city and letting him greet new people in my house. 
The classes are great; if you DO THE HOMEWORK, your dog cannot fail. If you're willing to repeat the class exercises at home, you're going to see fast results! Homework consists of posting a short video of you doing the weeks lessons at home. The trainers will let you know how you're doing and offer personalized tips and critiques. This is also just a cool way to see what your peers are doing and/or struggling with.
I would recommend SMYD to anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with their dog whether it's through obedience, sport, service, or just letting your dog play with other dogs!"

EVERY dog would thrive at Show Me Your Dog Training
"I recommended Show Me Your Dog whole-heartedly. SMYD was highly recommended to us when our pup was 8 weeks old. Since we started, her individual training sessions have been tailored and paced for her and her age, building skills with long-term goals in mind. When I drop her off at Train and Play Day Camp, I have comfort knowing that she is in a focused and stimulating as well as a safe and caring environment. At the end of the day, we hear about what she is working on and training videos are often available. The trainers are available for our questions and when we need tips (as new things always arise with puppies). In addition, the SMYD trainers will explain the reasons for the approaches, in the context of building for the future.
Their unique approach to Train and Play Day Camp involves a cycle of training and rest. Dogs socialize (get to be a dog, in a group, with appropriate levels of oversight), rest, have individual training sessions, and rest (repeat). This way, dogs use their minds and bodies but get the much-needed recovery to behave and focus well during interactive sessions. When your dog attends Train and Play Day Camp, it is in conjunction with individual training sessions involving you, the owner. Through hands-on involvement, you learn how to continue your dog’s development at home and thus create a consistent environment of learning. 
SMYD is not simply doggy day care. It is a lifelong program to develop your dog’s socialization and capabilities (obedience, agility, plus whatever you desire and your dog enjoys) in ways that fully exercise and challenge your dog’s mental and physical being. This is exactly what your dog needs, regardless of its breed, age, or personality: mental and physical engagement in a safe, controlled setting with attentive, knowledgeable staff. Your dog is encouraged to be a dog (some dogs raised in isolation actually need to learn this!) while gradually building skill sets to become an ideal citizen, family member, and, if desired, service dog or competitor.
An important and inspiring aspect of SMYD’s work involves rehabilitating rescues and orphans. With confidence and plans that come with experience and knowledge, dogs written off as damaged or dangerous can be reprogrammed to trust and appreciate other dogs and people. This is critical work and these folks both know what they are doing and care enough to offer these services to really tough cases. We have used SMYD’s services for 13 weeks so far and have seen several ongoing, successful rehabilitations. With no reservation, I recommend them for help with any issues you encounter and want to solve. While training your dog, they will also train you!
Lastly, I will mention that it is a pleasure working with Dave, Nikki, and Bernie. They have knowledge and experience but are always learning and researching to be dynamic. They would be willing to work toward your goals, whatever they may be, and embrace new tools and ideas. I like them personally and my dog loves them. They are focused and they care. I am grateful and fortunate to be raising my dog with them."