Once you and your dog have mastered the basics of obedience, a great way to test the skills you've worked on together is through competitive obedience. Like Rally, you and your dog perform a series of obedience exercises in front of a judge.

With each level, the exercises are increasingly complex; the first titles require such exercises as heeling and recalls while the higher level competition asks your dog to do scent discrimination, retrieves, and respond to hand signals.

Competitive Obedience 

Rally Obedience consists of a short course throughout which numbered signs instruct you on the obedience exercises you and your dog are to perform. 
​Rally is a fun, laid-back sport and can be an excellent introduction to the world of dog sports and competitive obedience. 

Here is where we all get to be very excited! (Not that obedience training isn't fun too!) 

At SMYD, we offer a number of "extracurricular" classes. These are classes which take you above and beyond the basics and into learning new, fun, and sometimes useful things with your best friend!

Check out the exciting things we are up to below! 
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Charm City Weight Pullers

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Rally Obedience

Learn more about weight pull HERE!

"Train More, Do More"

Tricks and FUNdamentals of Agility Class

(in conjunction with Di Matteson, a Do More with Your Dog certified tricks instructor and evaluator and owner of Snorkle's Way: Adaptive Dog Training)

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