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Adult ​Basic Obedience Unlimited

Eligible: Any dog over 6 months of age

In addition to our regular private lessons, we offer a package of unlimited private lessons for 6 months, as well as access to our group basic obedience class when you and your dog are ready! This is a great option for young dogs to help work through the "teenage" months and help them become a beloved, behaved member of your family. With dedication, you will have a dog who can go anywhere with you and receive compliments!

Duration: determined by each individual

Eligible: Any dog

Our private lesson program is appropriate for any dog! Whether your furry friend is just a little bit "too much" for group class, or you would be be more comfortable learning in a one-on-one environment, private lessons will work! We can also use private lessons to teach skills that aren't currently offered in a group class setting.

Private lessons are often a good place to start if your dog is very reactive or if you need to develop better leash control before joining a group class. If you aren't sure what might be best, we can help you to choose the right program at your initial evaluation.

Duration: 6 one hour sessions

Eligible: Dogs 6 months of age and older, Completion of 101/102 classes

This class will be offered on a limited basis for dogs and owners who are committed to learning! It will be continuing education course intended to present dogs who have completed the basic levels of obedience with tougher distractions. We will build on the "Three D's": Distance, Duration, and Distraction through the use of creative distractions like the building kitties (Cookie and Decoy), tennis ball launchers, furry things on wheels, and more!

Private Lessons

Accountability Group Class